🌱 Uthai Thani – a hidden gem where people live in harmony with nature 🌱

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Uthai Thani’s fame as an unexplored destination is rising. Located some 220 kilometres from Bangkok and for decades relatively off the beaten track, the province boasts an abundance of pristine nature and beautiful temples.

With a whole day to spare, what can you do in Uthai Thani town for fun? Follow our programme that includes experiencing the way of life of the unique raft house community and riding a bicycle on Ko Thepho.

  • 1.Take a boat tour of the Sakae Krang River and catch sight of the raft house community.
  • 2.Try a local specialty at the morning market on the Sakae Krang riverfront.
  • 3. Visit Wat Uposatharam, an old temple located on the bank of the Sakae Krang River, and also one of Uthai Thani’s provincial emblems
  • 4. Ride a bike on Ko Thepho.

🌟 Take a boat tour of the Sakae Krang River and catch sight of the raft house community.

The Sakae Krang River has long provided a livelihood for the people of Uthai Thani. It is also the origin of the raft house community, Thailand’s last such community that has been here for decades. All the rafts are legitimate with proper house registration numbers, electricity, and running water. There are now some 120 houses and no more registrations will be issued.

The “rafters” make a living from freshwater fishing. They use a net cage system to raise fish; such as, striped catfish, gourami, and black eared catfish. They also prepare dried and salted fish for sale at the market.

Taking a sightseeing boat tour is a convenient way to get a glimpse of how the raft house community lives. You can ask for the tour information from the operators at the pier near the municipal fresh market

🌟 The morning market on the Sakae Krang River bank 🌟

You can learn a lot about the local food culture by visiting a fresh market held in the morning.

While in Uthai Thani town, don’t miss a chance to explore one that is organised daily outside the municipal market building. The setting is simple, and many vendors sit on the ground with their goods. You will find all sorts of fresh produce, especially fish from the Sakae Krang River. Many cooked dishes are also available.

🌟 Wat Uposatharam 🌟

Wat Uposatharam, previously known as Wat Bot Manorom or Wat Bot, is an old temple located on the bank of the Sakae Krang River, on Ko Thepho. Its ubosot and wihan are adorned with exquisite murals of the early Rattanakosin period.

At the back of the two main structures is the unique octagonal mondop that features a perfect combination of both Thai and Western architectural elements.

While on his official trips to the North, King Rama V the Great graced the temple, which built a raft to welcome him.

🌱 Ko Thepho 🌱

Ko Thepho was originally a cape-shaped piece of land flanked by the Chao Phraya and Sakae Krang Rivers. The isle was formed when a canal was excavated to link both rivers. Wat Uposatharam on this isle is connected to the fresh market on the mainland by a small bridge.

The isle is the province’s vital rice growing region. It is also a premier bicycle route among local cyclists, who enjoy the scenic views of rice fields, bamboo forests, cornfields, and orchards, especially pomelos. A centre of local products – OTOP – can be found on the route.

The route distance is varied, and you can choose from 8, 15 to 33 kilometres. For more information please contact Tourism Authority of Thailand (Uthaithani) Most accommodation on the isle provides free bicycles to their clients, but you should enquire in advance.

  • Getting there
    • By car: The distance from Bangkok is about 220 kilometres and takes about 2.5 hours.
    • By bus: Both regular and air-conditioned bus services are offered by the Transport Company and many other operators. The bus leaves the Bangkok Bus Terminal on Kamphaeng Phet Road daily, and takes about 4 hours. Contact the Transport Company at 1490.
    • By train: Get off at Nakhon Sawan Railway Station and take a bus for a further 50 kilometres to reach Uthai Thani town.
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