Bang Khonthi district of Samut Songkhram

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The country’s smallest province with only three districts, Samut Songkhram is about 70 kilometres from Bangkok, and its Bang Khonthi district boasts many attractions. Try an outing in the district, and we promise you will be charmed.

  • 👉Day 1
    • Be amazed by the ubosot overgrown with trees of Wat Bang Kung.
    • Learn how to make coconut sugar at the organic farming community of Ban Bang Phlap.
  • 👉Day 2
    • Pick karanda fruit at Uncle Siri’s organic orchard. Look for inspiration from the past at the Tang Siam Ha Pottery Museum.
    • Revel in the beauty of the Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral.
  • Getting there
    • 🚟By train: Get on at Wongwian Yai Station and get off at Mahachai. From there, take the ferry across the Mae Klong River to catch a train at Ban Laem Station and get off at Mae Klong.
    • 🚐By van: Take either Pinklao-Mae Klong or Mo Chit-Mae Klong route.

👉Wat Bang Kung

Its Ayutthaya-period ubosot has put this temple on the list of “Unseen Thailand” attractions drawn up by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). The ancient structure is unique, as it is partly covered with the roots of four trees making it an incredible sight to behold for visitors ✨

A large seated Buddha called Luangpho Nilmanee, which is enshrined in the ubosot, is highly revered by local residents.

👉Ban Bang Phlap community

Ban Bang Phlap is a small community whose members practice organic farming. The friendly community arranges many interesting activities for visitors who are interested in their knowledge and wisdom to maintain the land’s fertility.

Not to be missed is learning how coconut sugar, an ingredient in traditional Thai cooking, is made. The process takes time and a lot of patience. 🥥🌿

Not to be missed is learning how coconut sugar, an ingredient in traditional Thai cooking, is made. The process takes time and a lot of patience. First, you will see that the liquid sap is collected from the coconut flowers.

The sap will be heated until most of the fluid has evaporated and its colour has turned from dark to light brown. The sticky mass will then be put in moulds to form the end product that is called Nam Tan Puek.

A women’s group in the community makes preserved vegetables and fruits from their farm produce. Their specialty is preserved bitter vegetable; such as, bitter gourds and tinospora cordifolia.

Organic pomelos are the stars of the community and Ban Bang Phlap has been recognised for its outstanding farming practice by many organisations. It is a five-time recipient of the Tourism Awards given by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

Day 2

👉Karanda orchard of Uncle Siri

Samut Songkhram is a producer of many top quality fruits. The province is famous for its young coconuts, lychees, and pomelos but this 40-rai (16 acre) organic orchard attracts a number of visitors curious about karanda.

You can stroll around the orchard, take pictures, and learn about the fruit from information signs.

The karanda plant contains tremendous health benefits from its roots to its leaves. The sour fruit turns dark red and tastes less acidic when ripe.

Many products made from the fruit are available for sale at the plantation shop.

  • Workshop fees
    • Making tie-dyed fabrics from the colour derived from the karanda fruit
      • 100 Baht a person/20-30 minutes
    • Making karanda jam
      • 150 Baht a person /30-40 minutes

👉Sirisompong Farm&Café

After touring the orchard, we insist you taste the desserts and beverages made from karanda fruit at the Sirisompong Farm and Café. (Open daily from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; closed Thursday.)

👉Tang Siam Ha Pottery Museum (Ban Hai Phan Bai)

Tang Siam Ha is a museum that displays the private pottery collection of its owner, Mr. Thawatchai Phisedthasalasai, who showcases his antiquities at no charge. Some of the exhibits were retrieved from the Mae Klong River and date back to the Sukhothai period.

  • 📍 120 Mu 8, Tambon Kradangnga, Amphoe Bang Khonthi, Samut Songkhram
  • ⏰ Open Saturday – Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • 🌐

👉The Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral

To properly conclude the trip to Samut Songkhram, you should pay a visit to the Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral, a splendid place of worship located on the bank of the Mae Klong River.

Spend time inside the French Gothic structure to marvel at the exquisite stained glass with engraved images depicting the life of the Virgin Mary. The century-old cathedral was built of bricks during the reign of King Rama V the Great.

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