Coastal attractions – a relaxing trip to explore the green beauty of mainland Rayong

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A popular getaway from Bangkok, Rayong is about a 3-hour drive from the capital and known for a variety of attractions, especially beautiful islands.

But for this programme, we will do something different by exploring only the coastal areas in the 2 districts of Amphoe Mueang and Amphoe Klaeng.

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  • 📍 Day 1
    • 1 Enjoy a fun trip to Chedi Klang Nam Mangrove and learn about the forest ecosystem at the learning centre.
    • 2 Visit the underwater world at the Rayong Aquarium.
    • 3 Frolic on the sandy Mae Ram Phueng Beach.
  • 📍 Day 2
    • 4 Experience the magic of the Rayong Botanical Garden from a kayak.
    • 5 Take a picture with the grand Avicennia marina (Forssk.) at Thung Prong Thong – Rayong’s largest mangrove.
  • Getting there 🚗
  • Besides driving, you can take public transportation to Rayong. There are many companies operating van and mini bus services, among them:
    • 🚌 Rayong Tour Transportation 1989 Tel. 09 6494 6395
    • 🚌 BH Rayong Tel. 08 5431 8998, 08 1344 6042

📍 Day 1

Chedi Klang Nam Mangrove Ecosystem Learning Centre ✨

This learning centre is located on the estuary of the Rayong River and occupies about half a square kilometre of land. You can explore part of the fertile mangrove at close quarters by strolling along the wooden trail. Insect and mosquito repellent will come in handy.

At the heart of the mangrove is the white bell-shaped stupa, which was built about a century ago when Rayong’s first governor was in power to let sailors know that they had reached Rayong.

📷 Photo credit : Veerachai Chinnawat

Rayong Aquarium 🐠

Conveniently located in the heart of Rayong city, the aquarium is managed and situated within the premises of the Eastern Gulf Fisheries Research and Development Centre.

📷 Photo credit : Veerachai Chinnawat

The Aquarium features various zones, including marine animal tanks, a tunnel, an outdoor pond, a turtle pond, and a seashell museum. 🦈🐠🐡🐢🐚

📷 Photo credit : Sutee Kitamnuayporn

The long tunnel makes you feel like you are swimming with the big fish! 😍

📷 Photo credit : Veerachai Chinnawat

There is also an exhibition on the fishermen’s way of life and rare marine animals.

  • 📍 2 Mu 2, Tambon Phe, Amphoe Mueang, Rayong
  • ⏰ Open Wed. – Fri. from 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m., Sat. – Sun. and holidays from 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
  • 💵 Admission Fee: 30 Baht for adults and 10 Baht for children.
  • Free entry for children no taller than 120 cm. and the elderly
  • 📞 038 651 764
  • 🌐

📷 Photo credit : Veerachai Chinnawat

Mae Ram Phueng Beach 🏖

Only 10 minutes away from the Aquarium is Rayong’s popular Mae Ram Phueng Beach, which at 12 kilometres is the longest on the East coast of Thailand. The Beach is a part of the Khao Laem Ya National Park.

📷 Photo credit : Veerachai Chinnawat

The sandy, 🌴 coconut-lined beach is suitable for swimming even with its relatively strong current compared to other beaches. ☀

Restaurants and accommodation are in abundance. You can also watch the sun setting from this beach. ☀

📍 Day 2

Rayong Botanical Garden🌳

Rayong Botanical Garden encompasses more than 6 square kilometres of wetlands and is home to mangroves, swamps, and forests. You’ll see countless indigenous plants, herbs, and various species of birds.

The must-try activity is taking a boat trip or kayaking around the wetlands that are beautifully adorned with old paper bark trees. 😮

While on the boat trip, you will see a remarkable plant known locally as Pae Nang Ma – dog skin raft – which is in fact a massive sheet of thick grass (50 cm – 1 m). It is so thick you could easily walk on it without sinking!! 🌿

During November-February, some rare species of earth orchids will spring up through the grass. The wetland is also a natural habitat of many indigenous plants, including lotus and water lilies. 😍

Other activities beside boat trips are biking, hiking on the nature trail, visiting nurseries, and camping.

  • 💵 Admission fee 20 Baht/person
  • 🚤 Boat rental 600 Baht/hour/6-7 persons
  • 🛶 Kayak rental 100 Baht/hour/1-2 persons
  • 🚲 Bike rental 50 Baht/hour
  • ⛺ Camping 50 Baht/night/person

Thung Prong Thong – The largest mangrove in Rayong 🌳

Once a deforested area, this mangrove area has been successfully restored by local residents and the authorities. The 10-square-kilometre land is now Rayong’s largest mangrove reserve and is mostly famous for its dominant plant – Ceriops.

Thung Prong Thong is worthy of a visit both for fun and to learn about mangroves. A wooden walkway that stretches for about a kilometre will lead you into the dense forest of Thung Prong Thong, which literally means the field of golden Ceriops. 🍃

Admirers of big trees will be delighted to have a photo opportunity with the majestic Avicennia marina. Its graceful branches spread in all directions, providing much-needed shade to visitors. 🌳

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