Slow-paced living in Chiang Khan revisited ✨

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Our favourite town of Chiang Khan is starting to regain its former liveliness, With travel restrictions being eased, visitors are slowly returning to this town on the bank of the Mekong River once again – much to everybody’s delight.

  • Slow-paced living in Chiang Khan revisited
    • Enjoy the view of the Mekong River and pay respect to the big Buddha image at Phu Khok Ngio.
    • Stroll along Chiang Khan Walking Street.
    • Be amazed by the mist from the Phu Tok Viewpoint.

✨Phu Khok Ngio Viewpoint

Also known as Phu Khok Ngio Big Buddha, this relatively new viewpoint was opened to the public some 3 years ago. It is among the best spots to admire a beautiful view of the Mekong. Located in Chiang Khan’s Ban Tha Di Mi, this viewpoint was created by local authorities and is under their supervision.

A majestic standing Buddha statue standing 19 metres high presides over the Viewpoint facing the Mekong. This spot is a must-visit by all accounts!

A skywalk adds to the fun of visiting Phu Khok Ngio. The 100-metre-long glass bridge is 80 metres above the ground and gives you a chance to take in a bird’s-eye view of the Mekong. Arrive in the late afternoon if you want to watch the sunset.

You have to take a songthaeo to reach the top of Phu Khok Ngio. The fare is 60 Baht a person and includes the price of the shoe covers required to walk on the glass bridge.

✨Chiang Khan Walking Street

Chiang Khan Walking Street is synonymous with the nightlife scene of Chiang Khan. While more shops open in the late afternoon, some are open from the morning.

From what we have experienced first-hand, both shop owners and visitors alike are glad and relieved that the COVID-19 situation has somewhat improved. As such, Chiang Khan Walking Street is set to be busy again

You can find food shops, stylish accommodation, souvenirs, and clothing stores dotting the popular walking street.

Chiang Khan is a bike-friendly town. Its bike lane begins from the Walking Street and runs to Kaeng Khut Khu rapids. You can rent a bike from your accommodation or shops in the area. The fee starts from 50 Baht and you can bike to your heart’s content from the morning until 9 p.m.

You can visit Chiang Khan all-year round. Its location on the bank of the Mekong and its residents’ slow-paced lifestyle make this charming town a great getaway from the city chaos.

✨Phu Tok Viewpoint

The average temperature on Phu Tok during the cool season is around 15-16 degrees Celsius, and most local visitors are eager to rise early to reach this viewpoint for the “sea of mist” across the valley. Phu Tok is about 6 kilometres from Chiang Khan.

You will relish the panoramic views of the area, especially the Mekong River and the mountain ranges on the Lao border. The highlight for local visitors ascending Phu Tok is of course the sea of (thick) mist that is a usual occurrence, weather permitting

If searching for the sea of mist is your pastime, visit Phu Tok during the cool season when the chances for thick mist are higher

Cars are not allowed on Phu Tok. Visitors must park and walk (about 1 kilometre) or take a pickup truck run by the villagers. The fee is 25 Baht per person (7-8 persons/truck) and takes about 10 minutes

The ticket counter for the truck service is at the car park

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