#theoldpicturestory Sao Ching Cha Tram, Bangkok on 2503 BE

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#theoldpicturestory Sao Ching Cha Tram, Bangkok on 2503 BE.

Sao Ching Cha is an old area that we know there are interesting tourist attractions and many restaurants offering delicious food. Tourists tend to follow famous restaurants in reviews on social media, but do you know that in the past there was a tram running in the area.
Bangkok had its first tram route in 1888. The first tram line was the Bang Kho Laem line. The route started from Tok Road and went along Charoen Krung Road to the end of the Grand Palace. After that, tram routes were increased continuously until there were a total of 11 tram services; namely, the Bang Kho Laem Line, Samsen Line, Pathumwan Line, Dusit Line, Silom Line, Bang Sue Line, City Wall, Sukhothai Line, Ratchawong Line, Atsadang Line and Hua Lamphong Line that ran pass Sao Ching Cha.
Trams ceased service in 1968 because of many reasons; such as, people starting to use private cars. When the era changed, buses, taxis, cars, and motorcycles replaced the trams because they were more convenient and faster.

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