Revel in nostalgia at Hua Takhe – a canal-side community east of Bangkok🐊

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Hua Takhe is a charming area in suburban Bangkok for people who are interested in simple and slow-paced living and who love local art and culture.

You can also get a glimpse of how the transportation link between the capital and its vicinity was made by strolling through the Hua Takhe Old Market and admiring the wooden houses on the canal banks.

Hua Takhe is an old community in Bangkok’s Lat Krabang district and very close to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Its origins date back to the reign of King Rama V the Great when its market served as a centre of trade and waterway transportation in the east of the capital. Hua Takhe is where three canals meet and that gave it a prominent role before the advent of the modern road network.

Visitors to Hua Takhe these days are charmed by its classic wooden houses with corrugated zinc roofs and the nostalgic ambience, a result of the concerted efforts by its residents to reinvent their century-old neighbourhood.

Once a hub of rice mills and wood shops, Hua Takhe has evolved. While you can still find old architecture and old-style grocery stores, new businesses and ideas have arrived in the form of cafes, art galleries, guesthouses, and a learning centre.

Located close to an art college and a university, the community also regularly organises workshops and art events.

Kayaking at Hua Takhe is both a fun activity and a convenient way to help clean up the canal. When you return the rented kayak (with a certain number of collected items of trash), you can get a discount!.

  • Hua Hong Kayak Club
  • Tel. 09 7097 0863
  • – Rent fee 350 Baht/person/hour

A discount of 100 Baht/person/hour will be given to those who return the kayak with at least 10 pieces of trash.

Colourful graffiti adorn various walls in the community.

This bridge provides a nice photo opportunity and a spot to watch the sunset. It is located near Si Yaek Huatakhe Cafe and Guesthouse.

  • 👉Getting there
    • 🚈Airport Rail Link
      • Get off at the Lat Krabang Station, and hop on a songthaeo No. 333 to Soi Lat Krabang 17 and walk about 200 metres to the end of the soi.
    • 🚗Car
      • Drive into Soi Lat Krabang 17. Ample parking is available at the end of the soi.
    • 🚃East bound Train
      • Start off at Hua Lamphong Station and get off at Hua Takhe Station from where you can walk along the canal or use the motorcycle taxi to the Hua Takhe Market.

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