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The holiday is coming. Who still has no idea how to plan a trip? I will introduce a travel route to chill out at Suphan Buri.

“Suphan Buri” is another emerging destination, which has a variety of tourist attractions, where you can eat, shop, take photos, or go anywhere to go and check in.

  • Day 1
    • Bang Li Market – Giant fish trap, Saphan Kong Floating Market
    • Cafe Chedi
    • Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan
  • Day 2
    • Phra Phuttha Khiri Sri Suvarnabhumi (Buddha image, cliff carvings)
    • Three of Us Restaurant
    • Wat Khao Di Salak
    • Green market at Suan Sawan, Suphan Buri

Bang Li Market

Bang Li Market is a 100-year-old market, located near the Song Phi Nong River. In the market, there are many consumer products to choose from.

This market opens daily from 04.00 Hrs. until 23.00 Hrs. In the morning, it will be a fresh market. The vendors will start to set up the stalls at 04.00 Hrs., while in the later hours, the shops will start to open both food and equipment stores. And in the evening, it will be a night market. There is a wide variety of food whether it is a la carte, boiled rice, noodles and desserts.

Although this place is like a normal market. But this place has an interesting story.

This area was a lowland basin. In the past, when the high tide occurred, the water in Khlong Song Phi Nong would rise. As a result, the Bang Li Market and nearby areas are flooded all-year round, so the Bang Li Market residents have to evacuate to trade and live on the second floor of the house. And use a boat to commute to contact and buy goods. When the water is low, they will return to sell on the ground floor like before. This market has therefore been dubbed as “The Two Seasons Market”.

But after adjusting the market area to be higher and renovate almost all new houses to be new, the Market’s image has thus just become a memory.

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In addition, there is a King Naresuan the Great Monument at the bus terminal in the market to allow people to pay homage.

  • Ratdamrong Road, Song Phi Nong Subdistrict, Song Phi Nong District, Suphan Buri
  • Open daily 04.00 Hrs. – 23.00 Hrs.

I will take you for a walk to find delicious food plus get a 360-degree view as well.

Giant fish trap, Saphan Kong Floating Market . Saphan Kong Floating Market is a market with a curved bamboo walkway along Khlong Song Phi Nong and has Saphan Kong go to the opposite side to Wat Thong Pradit, which is the origin of the name “Saphan Kong Floating Market”

  • Ton Tan Subdistrict, Song Phi Nong District, Suphan Buri
  • Open daily 08.00 Hrs. – 18.00 Hrs.

There are various foods, desserts, herbal drinks, and souvenirs made from the craftsmanship of the community.

The highlight of this floating market is the “Giant fish trap”

It is a large viewing tower in a fish trap shape and 20 metres high. It was built by the cooperation of the people in the community who used a lot of bamboo as a building material. Inside, there are bamboo stairs to walk up to see the 360-degree view from the top.

The fish trap is a symbol that indicates the agriculture of Song Phi Nong from the past to the present. It also indicates a rich lifestyle as well as being a town of rice and water.

When you walk to the end of the Floating Market, there will be a wooden bridge across to the other side of the canal, which is the location of Wat Thong Pradit and café. I will take you to go there.

  • Cafe Chedi
    • Rim Khlong Song Phi Nong, Bang Len Subdistrict, Song Phi Nong District, Suphan Buri
    • Tel. 086 537 7761
    • Open Thursday – Tuesday 08.00 Hrs. – 17.00 Hrs. (Closed every Wednesday)

Cafe Chedi is a small café, which inside the store is decorated in a simple style. There are seats both inside the store and the terrace on the waterfront.

Cafe Chedi serves delicious desserts and drinks.

The recommended menu must be this one. “Young Coconut Cake” tastes just right, sweet and fragrant, as the texture of the cake is very soft.

There is also a wide variety of drinks to choose from including tea, coffee or soda juice. It has everything.

I can tell you the atmosphere of the restaurant is very good. It is not too hot. You can also have a view of the Floating Market and the giant fish trap.

Let’s continue our journey to Mueang Suphan Buri district.

Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan

For anyone who has already been to Suphan Buri province, you must not miss to pay homage to Luangpho To at Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan.

This old temple was underwent a major renovation during the reign of King Rama IV the Great with the rebuilding of the temple. It is adorned with the Royal Emblem of King Rama IV the Great or Phra Maha Pichai Mongkut on the gable of the temple.

Inside the Wihan enshrines “Luangpho To” a stucco Buddha image in Pang Palilayaka, U-Thong art, which is 23.47 metres high. It is assumed that Luangpho To was originally a Buddha image in the orientation of the sermon. But after it was damaged, it was restored and renovated in Palilayaka, accepting offerings from an elephant and a monkey, formerly in the gesture of giving the first sermon. It is a priceless Buddha image of the people of Suphan Buri province.

This temple is also associated with the story “Khun Chang Khun Phaen”, a temple where Khun Phaen used to learn. There are murals telling the story of Khun Chang Khun Phaen from the beginning of the story to the end around the temple. They are detailed pictures.

In addition, there is “Ruen Khun Chang”, a large teak wood house within the temple area. This was built according to the house model of Khun Chang in the literature. There are exhibits of various appliances in the old days to see.

  • 249 Malai Man Road, Rua Yai Subdistrict, Mueang Suphan Buri District, Suphan Buri

The second day’s journey begins, so I will take you to U Thong District. This is an ancient Dvaravati city where the beginning of the spread of Buddhism in the land of Suvarnabhumi began. . Phra Phuttha Khiri Sri Suvarnabhumi (Buddha image, cliff carvings)

Phra Phuttha Khiri Sri Suvarnabhumi or U Thong Buddha image is in the area of Wat Khao Tham Thiam. Originally, this area was an old quarry. In 2004, the abbot of Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan developed and built this area to be the Phutthamonthon of Suphan Buri.

The U Thong Buddha image with a height of 108 metres, a base width of 88 metres and a lap width of 65 metres is the largest cliff-carved Buddha statue in the world.

Behind the Buddha image, there is a tunnel cut into the cliff as a cave called “Flying Dragon Cave” enshrines various Buddha images and Buddha footprints inside.

I heard that a skywalk will be built around the cliff, which, during the period of construction, this place will be temporarily closed.

  • Wat Khao Tham Thiam, U Thong Subdistrict, U Thong District, Suphan Buri

Three of Us Restaurant

It’s a small restaurant with English cottage style decoration set in a shady garden atmosphere. Anyone who sees it, of course, must take a photo before entering the store.

There are two zones in this restaurant. The inside of the shop will give you an atmosphere like being in a British house, or you can choose to chill out in the garden.

In addition to the good atmosphere of the shop, the food is very appetising as well. The restaurant serves Thai-European food, desserts and a wide variety of beverages.

The menu that I ordered was the Baked Chicken Three of Us, which is the signature menu of the restaurant served with hot rice.

There’s Spicy Mango, Fried Thapthim Fish.

Finish the meal followed by a refreshing drink.

  • U Thong Subdistrict, U Thong District, Suphan Buri
  • Tel. 097 007 2220
  • Open Saturday – Sunday and public holidays from 10:30 Hrs. – 19.00 Hrs.

Wat Khao Di Salak

The temple is located on a hilltop overlooking the vast U Thong district.

The interesting highlight about this temple is a Buddha’s footprint covered by a Thai-style Mandapa, which inside enshrines a “Buddha’s footprint” made of red sandstone. It is assumed that it may have been built during the Dvaravati period. The Fine Arts Department has registered it as an antique.

  • Don Kha Subdistrict, U Thong District, Suphan Buri

The Buddha’s footprints are a low relief footprint. It has 108 auspicious reliefs and is about a 1,000 years old. It is 65.5 cm wide and 141.5 cm long.

Finally, for nature lovers, take your friends to shop at the tree market.

Green market at Suan Sawan, Suphan Buri

  • In front of the Plant Breeding Centre No. 9, Phlapphachai Subdistrict, U Thong District, Suphan Buri Province
  • Open daily from 8.00 Hrs. – 17.00 Hrs.
  • Tel. 099 078 6236, 085 837 4697

The Green Market sells all kinds of plants including plants, vegetables, fruit, ornamental flowers, and gardening equipment plus the price is not expensive as well.

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