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#theoldpicturestory The Akha Swing, Chiang Rai in 1962. . The Akha Swing is an age-old tradition of the Akha people who are a hill tribe in Chiang Rai that has been inherited for more than 2,700 years. . The tradition takes place during the agricultural growing period to celebrate the abundance of plants that are ready to be harvested for consumption. . In this tradition, Akha women dress in colourful clothes and wear various accessories. At present, we can watch the Akha Swing Tradition at Ban Pha Mi, Mae Sai District and Doi Mae Salong, Mae Fah Luang District. The event will be held from the end of August to the beginning of September of every year.

For further information: – 081 952 2179 Akha Association – 053 717 433 TAT Chiang Rai Office

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